Noo Yawk Tawk

NOO YAWK TAWK, the acclaimed Comedy Improv troupe that performed at the 250 seat VILLAGE GATE every Friday and Saturday night for three years, is replete with a New York mixture of comedians – young, old, beautiful, odd, of various colors sizes and shapes, all brilliant, all funny, and most of them are recorded singers.

NOO YAWK TAWK shows are entirely improvised on situations set up by the audience – the show ends with the creation of a new song, sung in any two styles the audience wants.

Stephen Holden, in the New York Times, called Noo Yawk Tawk “a superb multi-ethnic improvisational group… hilarious improvised parody… a jazzy street-wise edge…”

Directed by Richmond Shepard, the cast includes Cecily Kate, Lisa Margolin, Rachel Plotkin, Rachael Roberts, Michael Sanders, Michael Silver, and Richmond. Musical accompaniment is by Mstafa Ulmer–keyboard, Eddie Holt–clarinet, and Susan Mitchell–violin.

John Hoglund wrote in BACKSTAGE: “a maniacally funny improvisational comedy troup….this group of intelligent loonies blend NY angst with anything irreverent…. the most definitive improvised comedy in town. Treat yourself – you’ll be back for more!”